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Turn You're "Crazy" Into Your Purpose Bootcamp 6


Turn You're "Crazy" Into Your Purpose Bootcamp 6



Turn "You're Crazy" Into Your Purpose Bootcamp ROUND 6

 Begins April 7th - May 12th 2018

HOSTED BY: Amber Valdez, YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader


Amber Valdez has lead over 125 graduates of this bootcamp ranging from Students to Moms, Doctors to Coaches, Network Marketers, and Entrepreneurs to Artists to change their lives, relationships, and careers forever! 

In the last bootcamp, come graduation day every single woman remembered why they came on this planet, owned their purpose, graduated on fire and went into action!

My students have created more joy, clarity, connection, abundance, freedom of expression, immense self love and owned their self worth over a few short weeks. This is what's possible with collaborative learning and group coaching! 

Amber makes self love fun! TYCIYP5

They have learned to release stress and anxiety, gained a new sense of trust in themselves, and most importantly, how to feel fear and do it anyway! After 6 short weeks of working with me they are inspired to take action on their happiness, dreams, and life purpose. Everyday light workers, just like you, made themselves the TOP priority through participating in this bootcamp and as a result EVERYONE and EVERYTHING in their life has benefited! Who would've thought putting ourselves first was the secret?! ;)


Check out some of the feedback & EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS OF PAST GRADUATES:

  • Two recent grads manifested soul mates within months of graduation, got ENGAGED, and are now MARRIED!
  • Were able to forgive themselves, family and feel free to trust again
  • Became first time authors & speakers
  • Increased their income from known sources and manifested abundance from unknown sources
  • Thrown successful first time charity events and fundraisers
  • Countless experienced rank advancements, doubled (even tripled) their enrollments (network marketers)
  • Quit old jobs, landed dream jobs, AND/OR started their own businesses
  • Learned how to manifest like a rock star!
  • Got comfortable taking risks in all areas of their lives
  • Became confident enough to start getting paid for their gifts, talents, and passions
  • Learned to live-stream like a boss and attract ideal customers, teams 
  • Adopted empowering and positive language to take control of creating what they actually want
  • No longer seek validation from others and became their own cheerleader and greatest fan
  • Became the most inspiring, joyful version of themselves they've ever seen!
  • Learned to meditate, created time for it, made it a daily habit and actually enjoy it
  • Created a solid morning routine so the world gets the best version of them
  • Deepened personal relationships and attracted like minded friends, teams and tribe


If accepted, WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT over the 6 weeks?

◦ Learn Amber's very own "crazy" practices that can eliminate anxiety, stress, and overwhelm AND create joy, raise your vibration so that you can attract what you desire and manifest abundance.

◦ GET CONNECTED to your higher power/Spirit/and/or higher self 

◦ Learn how to lead your life from alignment versus your EGO

◦ Learn to have more fun, trust yourself, and lighten up

◦ Enjoy a safe space to explore your gifts, own your voice and discover what lights you up (YOUR PURPOSE BABY!)

◦ Practice giving and recieving simultaniosly

◦ Practice powerful language to elevate your relationships, business, and love life

◦ Join a International tribe of like minded light workers, create meaningful friendships, be inspired by those that have your back and believe in you

◦  BE more,  DO less and CREATE more from  ALIGNMENT and FLOW vs Hustle!




• An accountability buddy! (Yep, humans break their primises to themselves when no one is watching! So-instead of playing the hope, wish and want game to change , you will be held accountable to your word and behaviors, so that you can actually make the changes you so desperately crave.)

• A private Facebook group for support, connection and to practice going live!

• LIVE weekly hot seat group coaching with Amber virtually via the private facebook group.

BONUS weekly masterclasses with some of the industries TOP transformational thought leaders and experts!

• Six live virtual group coaching sessions via ZOOM Video conferencing app.  Take calls from your phone or computer, anywhere in the world even in your Pj's if you’d like!

• A global tribe that gets you, cheers you on who will grow with you as you own your worth and your purpose.

Space is limited, and EVERY bootcamp SELLS OUT.

Remember, the ones that are "crazy" enough to think they can change the world, actually do! You are more powerful than you know! I can't wait to serve you! I believe in you, beautiful light worker! 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY, go meet the Life Purpose Cheerleader Facebook Messenger bot, Angel at www.lifepurpose.chat

Emily Gallagher, CEO of Conscious Boss, The Conscious Boss Clique And the Conscious Boss Bootcamps shares why Amber Valdez is an epic coach.
I sold my house this week, Amber! And paid off all my debt! I am abundant! I am bowing to my teacher! Thank you Amber for lighting the fire I needed under my butt!
— Teresa Hart, TYCIYP Bootcamp 1 & 4 Graduate
Alex Fairman, Co- Founder of Next Level Coaches, SPEAR and a Mystic Teacher who teaches Personal Development, Spirituality & Empowerment to over 35,000 students in over 170 Countries.
Amber is a rare combination of sincerity, honesty and pureness. She is able to relate to people in a really authentic way without making them feeling judged, really hearing and understanding them and also her ability to be brutally honest when they need it. Amber has an interesting combination of tough love and sacred gentleness. She helped us realize the BS in our head is not as important as our souls mission! Amber is such a beautiful person and she shows up 1 million present, focused and receiving! She is a really cool combination of a ZEN Cheerleader! She embodies beauty, love, positivity, unbias support and she really ignites the people around her! She opens the gates of a judgement free zone from the bottom of her heart!
— Azadeh Malekan, TYCIYP5 Grad, ASL Professor, New York.
I went to work yesterday after meditating and letting all negativity go, yo!!! And guess what? People noticed!!! Three of my teammates commented on how upbeat and calming my energy was!! We had some stressful moments, but I kept everything in perspective, wrote some stickie affirmations and rocked it!
— Asha Williams, TYCIYP1 Bootcamp Graduate

Meet Your Mentor

AMBER VALDEZ ,YOUR Life Purpose Cheerleader!


Amber Valdez is a former TV Personality and NFL Cheerleader turned Life Purpose Cheerleader, who is leading 1 million+ individuals to love themselves, own their worth so they can live their purpose and GET PAID to change the world. 

She is the creator of #StickieAffirmations, the Team Live Your Purpose Movement, The Worthy Goddess Workshop and author of "Stickie Affirmations to Live Your Purpose" that went #1 on the Amazon's Best-Seller list. Amber serves as a life purpose coach, workshop facilitator, International speaker and live stream queen!  Amber creates deep trust and respect through her down to earth, real, no bull shit, spunky yet vulnerable personality and coaching style allows her students to feel, seen heard, accepted and loved.  Amber is committed to being the cheerleader she never had and reminding Light Workers from around the world that they matter, they are worthy and their purpose matters, one stickie affirmation and live stream at a time.

I believe working on yourself is the best thing ANYONE you can do for their business! It’s the constant GO-GO, & DO-DO hustle that keeps people from having what they want. Success comes from who we are being NOT what we are doing.
— Amber Valdez
 Not meditating everyday is like going out into a snow storm without a jacket!  Not to mention giving everyone the half ass version of you and that's just not cool.  If everyone would just make mediation non-negotiable, it would literally change the world. - Amber Valdez

Not meditating everyday is like going out into a snow storm without a jacket!  Not to mention giving everyone the half ass version of you and that's just not cool.  If everyone would just make mediation non-negotiable, it would literally change the world. - Amber Valdez

This bootcamp was a gift for me to put myself first, commit to something and stick with it. I love my excuses and I loved to hide, up until this bootcamp. I nicknamed Amber the Bullshit police because she was willing to call me on my excuses and I so appreciated it. She kept me to my word. I learned self love is about making a decision, getting clear and following through to myself and it was really huge!  I look forward to working with Amber again!
— Jessie Oswald- TYCIYP5 GRADUATE Brooklyn, New York.

REMEMBER.. You Matter, You are Worthy and Your Purpose matters. It's time to receive the support to own it & change this world! 

EVERY BOOTCAMP SELLS OUT! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY,  click the chat with me pop up below OR apply directly at www.lifepurpose.chat



Life Purpose Cheerleading


Life Purpose Cheerleading

Amber Valdez offers clients a wide range of services.  Currently a Life, Career and Relationship Coach,  Amber inspires and supports her clients through developing wellness practices, new habits and structure to develop a lifestyle that creates balance in all areas of their life.  Amber has supported her clients through difficult times or transitions so they come out on the other side feeling empowered and the best versions of themselves.  As both a romantic and business relationship expert,  Amber has brought together three beautiful marriages and countless business and personal ventures, introductions and partnerships.  Amber doesn't take no for an answer and believes everything is possible. Her nickname is the "Golden Gate Bridge" as she has the golden touch and limitless connections and expertise in a variety of industries.  Amber has the beautiful gift of creating connections and effortlessly builds the bridge between where you are and where you want to go or who you need to meet to get what you want. No matter what area you are seeking support, clients love her real no BS approach and enjoy her boot camps, private coaching sessions, her daily live Periscope streams and YouTube videos.  

4-WEEK BOOT CAMP (Limited Spaces!)

Lets work together! To sign up for the 4-week boot camp click the text above or go to Events page.


If you are interested in exploring private coaching fill out the client information form below and Amber or her team will contact you within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have.  

Amber gets that each person is different and on there own journey, requiring a unique approach to coaching or consulting.  Let Amber be your Life Purpose Cheerleader and the beneath your wings, so you can finally start living your purpose.  

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