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"Amber is such a rare blend of fierce love. She completely forgets herself and her image and will do whatever it takes and go wherever she needs to in order to help her clients have breakthroughs. Even when she was giving me feedback that was tough to hear, I knew it was coming from a place of deep love and respect.  I had the privilege of talking to Amber daily for a short period while she was coaching me and I never left a conversation without feeling like I COULD do the thing that I thought was impossible. This led to some powerful breakthroughs for me in my personal and professional goals.
Amber leads by example and dedicates her heart, mind, and spirit to her clients. If you want a powerhouse coach who will push you to your full potential, Amber has got your back." - Christine B.

"I worked with Amber for more than a year -- but it felt like a lifetime of growth, self awareness, eradication of needless suffering and opening up of infinite joy! Our weekly calls and frequent text communication were nothing but HIGH VIBRATION to keep me in a state of *being* versus *doing.* In other words: she helped me work through my blocks of believing I have to be "all action." Amber guided me onto my spiritual path of expecting, relaxing in the know, and truly manifesting miracles.  From two $8,000 contracts with my freelance employer, to meet-ups with producers who want to "cast me for shows," to truly understanding my self worth as a woman and knowing when to confidently and compassionately say NO to energies not serving me ... Amber was along for the joyride of my life and without her, I would NOT be where I am today.  I recommend working with Amber for at least 3 months to truly feel the impact of her energy and exercises. You GET TO work with a woman who is gifted in the power of transformation. You don't necessarily need to "know" what your blocks are -- just trust that what you get to release and embrace will be presented to you with her guidance.  Amber Valdez, thank you for your work in the world." - Sammy D.

"I had a privilege to work with Amber during last six months and she is a powerful life coach. If you want to see results in your life she is the girl for you! The quality that I admire most in Amber her brutal honesty and huge heart, her commitment to support people to achieve their highest potential and goals! 5 stars" - Yuliya A.

"Amber is a powerhouse, force to be reckoned with!  She evokes real, tangible results and will get you to your goals quicker than you thought possible (all while having a blast!).  Amber will show you a light in yourself that you didn't know existed.  Through my work with Amber, in 5 months: I fell deeply in love with myself, started in a business and attracted the most beautiful relationship and friendships into my life.  Its an honor to be in her space, and what's better is, you'll realize its an honor to be in your space too when she's 'done with you' ;)" - Jamie Q.

"When I met Amber, my life became an abundant-blissful-transformational masterpiece. As my coach, she supported me as I created my first collection, hosted my first gallery show, and discovered my trademark as a spiritual performing artist. Due to her unbelievable dedication and focus, I turned my life into one worth sharing. If you want a coach that has compassion, connections, and charisma...Amber is just that. For both men and women, I have seen her work miracles. It is safe to say that she is one of the fundamental reasons that I am a success." - Johannah B.

"I have worked with Amber the last 6 months, during which my life has completely transformed. Amber leads with love and is committed to helping her clients become the best versions of themselves. She focuses on every area of your life to ensure that it is functioning at it's full potential. Since working with Amber, my relationship and communication with my husband has blossomed and our marriage is stronger than ever. My business has also flourished! With my newfound sense of confidence I have been attracting more clients. I have also been able to find a sense of balance between work and play, travel and health. Amber supports you in having it ALL! My life will never be the same and it will continue to grow to the highest peaks with her support." - Shanna M.

"Amber is truly a gifted Life Coach. This woman is such an indescribable blessing!  She helped me transform in ways I could have never imagined possible. She helps you discover those blocks that hinder your spiritual development and absolute potential and will work with you to remove them...leaving you feeling free, renewed, reborn and ready to take on the world. She inspires you to become the best and highest version of yourself. Thanks to her I have found myself again and thus  renewing the pursuit of my ife's purpose with passion. If you're looking for an angel to guide you through your life's journey.... call Amber." - Lourdes L.

"Amber has the ability to see right through stories and get to the root of what's holding you back. She always asks me the right questions to support me in seeing from a new perspective...And her manifestation skills are so inspiring!" - Ashley N.

"Amber is literally the best!!!!! I can not say enough good things about her! Been working with her for about 6 months now and I recommend her to EVERYONE!! Amber coaches with love and integrity at all times! My life has been completely transformed because of her! She is a complete expert at what she does and strives to give everyone nothing shorter than excellence!!! Love love love her!!! She is definitely the best coach in all of Los Angeles!!" - Chris H.