"I worked with Amber for more than a year -- but it felt like a lifetime of growth, self awareness, eradication of needless suffering and opening up of infinite joy! Our weekly calls and frequent text communication were nothing but HIGH VIBRATION to keep me in a state of *being* versus *doing.* In other words: she helped me work through my blocks of believing I have to be "all action." Amber guided me onto my spiritual path of expecting, relaxing in the know, and truly manifesting miracles."   -  Sammy D.  5/6/2015

"I had a privilege to work with Amber during last six months and she is a powerful life coach. If you want to see results in your life she is the girl for you! The qualities I love in Amber her brutal honesty and huge heart, her commitment to support people to achieve their highest potential and goals!"   -  Yuliya A 9/3/2015

"Amber is a powerhouse, force to be reckoned with!  She evokes real, tangible results and will get you to your goals quicker than you thought possible (all while having a blast!).  Amber will show you a light in yourself that you didn't know existed.  Through my work with Amber, in 5 months: I fell deeply in love with myself, started in a business and attracted the most beautiful relationship and friendships into my life.  Its an honor to be in her space, and what's better is, you'll realize its an honor to be in your space too when she's 'done with you' ;)"  -  Jamie Q. 8/28/2015