About Amber Valdez


Amber Valdez was born in San Jose, California and spent the majority of her childhood in Seattle, Washington.  In 2000, Amber was a NFL Cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks.  Since the Spring of 2004, Amber has called Los Angeles, The City of Angels home.
Long before Amber committed to inspiring 1,000,000 plus individuals to live their purpose as the Life Purpose Cheerleader and Stickie Affirmations Queen, she had a passion for being in front of the camera.  At nine years old she created a show called "Cousins TV”.  Amber and her cousin would interview neighbors and report fake news on the neighborhood.  From there she went on to host the High School morning show and at twenty four, she moved to Los Angeles and began work as a TV Correspondent for CBS Mobile.  For eight years, Amber reported on entertainment news, sports, live events and gaming for outlets such as; CBS, TV Guide Network, REELZ, AMC Theaters, Machinima.com, Westfield Buzz TV and Yahoo Games. She was blessed to interview many of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities on and off the red carpet.

In the Summer of 2012, Amber starred on a Internationally televised reality television show on ABC Family. There she became the fan favorite and a powerful advocate of anti-bullying.  

It was because of this experience that she realized the entertainment industry was no longer her passion. It was clear her true purpose and calling was to use her love for hosting to create positive content that would inspire. 

Making the shift from Television to the online space, Amber became a social media influencer, the creator of “Stickie Affirmations” & the Team Live Your Purpose Movement, an international speaker and best selling Author.  

Her passion for writing affirmations on stickie notes to manifest her desires and reprogram her thoughts and beliefs, led her to the path of being the Stickie Affirmations Queen and a Life, Business, Relationship coach. In April 2016, Amber self published her first ebook “Stickie Affirmations” To Live Your Purpose, Bit.ly/stickiequeen which went number one on the Amazon best seller list.

Through her daily live streams on platforms such as; Periscope, Busker and Facebook Live she combines her past experiences, expertise along with her passion and cheerleading skills to provide inspirational and positive content to thousands of viewers all over the world.  Amber’s teaches about the law of attraction, affirmations and emotional intelligence. 

Amber is committed to reminding and inspiring the world to know they matter, they are worthy and their purpose matters. She is the creator of the 4 week virtual coaching program "Turn "YOU'RE CRAZY" Into Your Purpose" which has sold out two times running and the Worthy Goddess Workshop that teaches and supports business women and network marketers to learn tools to lead from their divine feminine leadership versus the masculine. 
Amber has personally coached hundreds of people to date and is the go to for thousands of moms, entrepenuers, widows, students or anyone committed to finding their purpose and working on them selves.  Her real, relatable approach and solid life experience has truly prepared her to be the ultimate Life Purpose Cheerleader.  

From living all over the country, to being an NFL cheerleader, a Nanny to high profile families, assistant to high net worth individuals, entertainment executives and agents, she was a casting director, model scout, to TV Host/Producer,  sales, restaurant, office & model management, spokes model, reality TV star, to an event planner & Music Festival Producer, you name it, she's most likely done it. 

This vast life experience has truly created her thriving rolodex, expertise and a resume that has perfectly aligned and prepared her to serve her clients in Life Relationships & Business.


In her free time you can catch her traveling, making sticky affirmations, live streaming, cooking for her man, hiking, writing or hanging with dogs.

Amber feels most alive went she sees her clients succeed. She goes above and beyond to not only hold them accountable and do whatever it takes to assist in their dreams to become a reality.

Amber has picked up many holistic healing & spiritual modalities along the way such as her stickie affirmations and she proudly uses those in her consulting practice, retreats, books, workshops and videos.

Amber’s intention is to provide her students and clients with the tools to live an extraordinary life and most importantly to move forward fearlessly with the learned ability to trust oneself and make decisions with ease and grace.

Amber is truly your LIFE PURPOSE CHEERLEADER. Her belief is that when you live your purpose and own your worth, you can change the world. Whether your fan of her videos, a personal client or a student of her online webinars & retreats- If you follow her lead and allow yourself to receive support, everything is possible.  What are you waiting for? It only takes one person to believe in your dream and that's YOU and if you are looking for another... She's got your back! Let's get busy the world is waiting!